Problem with 310.90 driver, 32-bit version


I am using Optix 3.0.0 32-bit. When I updated NVidia driver from version 306.97 to 310.90 (both 64-bit), I started to receive the exception RT_ERROR_NO_DEVICE after trying to create the context. The 64-bit version does not have such problem. It also works fine with my previous version of driver.

In principle this should work. Which GPU are you using? Can you reproduce the problem when running the samples from the OptiX SDK?

I think you can reproduce the bug if you build a 32-bit version of samples. The precompiled samples are all 64-bit and they are working with both drivers.
The first thing that happens in my program is:

catch(Exception& e)


This is used to test compatibility and fails with the new driver.

I could not reproduce the bug with 32-bit samples and 64-bit driver 310.90 on Windows 7. Which platform did you use?