Problem with CUDA 7.5 on optimus GPU with bumblebee-nvidia driver

My Fedora 21 notebook computer has an integrated Intel graphics card and an Nvidia GeForce 860M.
The display driver is bumblebee-nvidia and works file.
CUDA 6.5 is installed and running.
I need to upgrade to CUDA 7.5. I downloaded CUDA 7.5 RUN file from nvidia and installed it. The CUDA 7.5 sample clock compiled without errors. But when I run it, it can’t find the GPU. When installing CUDA 7.5, I had deselected driver installation and installed toolkit and samples.
I suppose CUDA 7.5 is not compatible with the bumblebee-nvidia driver.
Which driver to install for the GPU so that CUDA 7.5 can use it and the display screen also works fine?
Any comment is greatly appreciated.

I believe you need an NVIDIA driver version of 352 or higher for CUDA 7.5 support. That being said, I did not search extensively, but that should give you an idea.