problem with new install of Grid K2- Control Panel crashes

I’m doing a project integrating third-party software which uses CUDA acceleration when available. So we’ve installed a Grid K2 in a Cisco UCS C240-M3S2 v03 server, running Windows Server 2008 R2 (bare metal not virtualized). We’ve been unable to get the Grid to work. Windows Device manager shows the board is there, but the Nvidia Control Panel always crashes on startup and the 3rd-party software does not see the Grid.

I double-checked the hardware installation today against

The only discrepancy I found is that we’re using the Y-power cable with a single board.
Everything else should be good (according to the referenced doc):
CIMC/BIOS version 1.5.3b.0
Installed in slot 5, option ROM is enabled

We’re using the latest driver version 333.11 (and same results with earlier driver versions). We have also tried deleting the driver and reinstalling, with no luck.

Any advice to resolve this problem?


We have the same issue here. Did you find a fix to your problem?


If you haven’t resolved this already I would say it’s likely a power issue. A K2 uses a ton of juice so if you’re not following the Cisco guide exactly in terms of power then you will likely run into issues.