Problem with Nvidia Quadro K1100M on ThinkPad W540

Hi all,

I have a some problems with Nvidia Quadro K1100M on my W540.

First problem is about updating graphic driver. I can use only the driver form official
Lenevo pages, because when I try update driver to newest from official Nvidia
page, my laptop everytime ends in BSOD during installation.
Problem is pointed to some dlkmd.sys. file. I try to find more about this topic on Google,
and I finded some same problems but with diffrent GPUs on diffrent laptops.
But I thing the core of problem is same. If someone have same problem, please
how you solve this?

And the second problem is quite contecetd with first. I work on Adobe CC on my W540
and I use CUDA accelerating for my projects in After Effects and Premiere Pro.
Sometimes I have a problem with switching between Intel HD graphics and Nvidia K1100M.
After Effects freeze and I must restart my computer. CUDA accelarating sometimes works,
sometimes not.

I’m really depressed form this.

Thanks for all answers.

Best regards

Lukáš K.