Problems accessing

I really have no idea where to place this issue in your various forums, or in the topics within those forums. If someone could be so kind as to see this gets to where it needs to? I was going to log a bug, but the FAQ for that doesn’t make it appear to be the right place to raise this concern.

I regularly have issues accessing from the Philippines. It also happens to coincide with when I actually need support or have an issue and need to search for a new driver version etc.

I wish I could say it’s repeatable, or narrow it down to one specific thing, but it’s not and I can’t. Although it does appear to be related to loading content from as that is where it’s failed loading on a number of separate occasions.

If I put a US based proxy server into firefox and reload the page (although very slow due to the fact I’m using a proxy), I can get to the site as normal.

I have seen this issue with other sites, where they appear to favour US based customers over anyone else being able to access their website, and whether this is intentional or not, to me it feels like racism, or locationism at the very least.

I won’t go into a rant about how frustrating this is, or etc!

But I would like this to be logged as an issue that is happening regularly, it might be happening in other countries as well (in fact I’d guarantee that it is), but the irregularity of the issue, and relatively short duration (1 to 3 days at a time) probably puts it in the category of ‘oh their site is probably down or having problems’ for most people, as I have done so the last 3 times this happened (this month alone), and the 5 or so other times over the last 6 months.

However the fact that I can get to through a US based proxy server, and that and various other “IS IT JUST ME” websites confirm it’s working for them (as most of these are US based), means that this is purely an issue based on location.

I’m not sure if this is something that has been logged or raised as a concern before, but googling it produces no results - but hey I can’t rely on Google to be accurate now days as most of their ‘smart’ search capabilities are dumbed down, location based, or listing results from whomever pays them the most, as their capitalistic nature has progressively taken over from their desire to provide information.

Sadly the way most big companies lose touch with the grass roots of what gave them the desire and vision to start in the first place!

At the very least please look into this and perhaps get your load-sharing content providers to put in proper testing mechanisms to ensure they know when and where outages are occurring, because they obviously don’t at the moment.