I meet the problem that NVIDIA Developer Site is under going maintenance

I’ve met this problem for several days. When I use chrome and Chinese IP, I connot retrieve the download page. After swtiching to IE 11.0 with compatibility view and use VPN whose server is in USA, it works and I can download.

I think some linked of NVIDIA has been banned by Chinese government. Please check that. Thank you.

What do you have in mind, when you speak of “checking”? Assuming your assumption of a Chinese government ban on certain NVIDIA download pages is correct, only the Chinese government would be in a position to do anything about it. Of course, you are free to try alternative paths that allow you to bypass restrictions that may have been imposed, and if I read your post correctly, you have already found such a method.

I read these forums pretty much on a daily basis, and I have seen multiple reports of people from mainland China being unable to use various NVIDIA download pages during the past few weeks.