problems installing SDK components to jetson TX2. Receive error: "Incorrect username or password"


I am trying to install sdk components to the jetson tx2. I am using the SDKmanager tool. I first flashed the tx2 with jetpack 3.3 successfully. However, when it tries to install the sdk compoents such as the AI, cuda etc, the program asks for the ip address of the jetson along with the user name and password. I enter the information, but it still says that it was the incorrect login or password. I am able to ssh into the jetson with the same user name and password.

I don’t understand why the sdkManager seems to think its the wrong userName or password?

Any help is much appreciated.

JetPack3.3 wasn’t actually under SDK Manager…it was at JetPack4.x SDKM came into play. You might be seeing a reference to the login at the NVIDIA server and not the login to the Jetson. On the other hand, make sure that you are using the correct login name (typically “nvidia”) on the Jetson, and make sure you can ssh to the Jetson with the same IP address which JetPack is using. Make sure you can ssh with your regular account on the PC which runs the software install, and also make sure you can “sudo ssh …” as well.

If you have a screenshot of the step prior to the fail (where it shows login credentials you are being asked about) it might help.

Thanks linuxdev. I got it working. SDK Manager has an option for previous jetpack versions including 3.3. Anyhow the problem was my host ethernet IP. I had to manually set it to in order for it to be able to connect to the tx2 board.