Problems while installing SDK components

I’m trying to rebuild a Jetson TX2. Therefore I connected the Jetson with a Usb cable to a host PC. I downloaded the SDK Manager and followed the steps on the website. Now I want to install SDK components on the Jetson. You have to enter IP address (already filled in), username and password. This is what I did. Then clicked Install. Then it constantly tries to connect to the Jetson and the error message “Cannot connect to the device via SSH” appears.

In recovery mode I guess I am…
Unfortunately i found Nothing in this Forum About this Topic.
I would be grateful for an answer

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Please try enter the eth0 IP address. (Check eth0 ip address from TX2)
Then enter the username and password, click ‘Install’ to continue.

What do you mean with eth0 IP adress? We dont have Access to our jetson. We dont no the eth0 ip adress of our jetson.
We have Chosen Automatic Setup.
Our Problem is, that our jetson is not running as described in the window.


Please connected ethernet cable to your Jetson-TX2 device.
After boot-up, using “ifconfig” to check eth0 ip address.
Then run the SDKManager, at below steps, change the IP address to your TX2 eth0 ip address.

so should I use the Ethernet cable between Host PC and jetson tx2?
Where should i type in the ifconfig command? Because we cant let run the jetson tx2. Because of this we want to Flash the jetson tx2.
I hope you understand what i mean.


As your Jetson TX2 cannot boot up. You must manually put your device into recovery mode first, then flash your jetson TX2, and install target components after flashing.

Hello carolyuu,

I installed the SDK, but in target hardware, it does not install the Multimedia APIs.
Instead of Ethernet device, can I use the Wifi device to install? i.e. Install the wifi device IP
address. Whether SDK manager supports this option?


SDK manager only supports installation of target components via ethernet or USB connection. If you don’t have ethernet connection, please connect host and Jetson device with the usb cable that is used for flashing. With this USB connection, once Jetson device boots up, it will automatically get an IP address, SDK manager will configure your Jetson device to be able to connect to the internet via your host machine during installation.

when i do connect tx2 and host with micro-USB, I meet the problem that can not access via ssh, could you please help me.thanks a lot.

Hi hupnos.liao,

This seems to be related to usb device mode.
Please check the three FAQ issues listed in “Jetson usb-device mode issues” section in

I have exactly same problem.
In my opinion, It comes from the absence of the default username and password after flashing OS.
I have a usb ethernet connection correctly and ssh command with nvidia@ looks fine.
However ssh terminated after asking password many times even though I typed nvidia as password.

As mentioned in other postings, usb network well established as following.
ubuntu 18.04

Any suggestions?

Hi keonyi5,

After flash image, are you complete system configuration setup on desktop?
Setting username, password, timezone…etc, please connected HDMI cable on your TX2.

Hi keonyi5,

Can you please zip the ~/.nvsdkm directory and attach it here for further investigation?

That’s what i want to know!
I was expecting that goes next step without anything to do.
Now I’m going to connect keyboard and hdmi for system setting.
Anyway, is there any method to go next step without connecting devices to tx2?

Thx, merry christmas !

Hi keonyi5,

You can follow Topic-1054926 script to bypass the account setting.
$ sudo ./ -u <usr_name> -p

Merry Christmas :)

I am having trouble in installing jetpack 3.3.1 in my jetson TX2 . It shows that it cannot connect to device via ssh .

kindly please help me…!!

SSH is used for extra package addition steps. The Jetson must be fully booted, and you must be able to ssh to the account you use. In the earlier releases there would typically be both account/pass of “ubuntu”/“ubuntu” and “nvidia”/“nvidia” (depends on release). The wired ethernet must be connected to a router so an IP address can be issued. As a result, you would be able to ping the address assigned, and if ping works, then to ssh from the PC to the Jetson using that account and address.

Do you have a monitor attached? If so, then you can log in and find the eth0 address via “ifconfig”, and then tell JetPack to use that address and account name.

Most debugging where you can’t log in would be via serial console. See:

Note that there are much newer releases out. Even if you stick to that generation of release, version 3.3 had much better quality, and flash would be recommended.

See (this probably requires you to go there, log in, and then click the link a second time):