Problems with the newly purchased TX2 module

Our product is a customized carrier board developed based on TX2 and has been shipped normally. The software is based on Version L4T r28.3.1 Jetpack 3.3.1.
There is a problem occurred with the newly purchased batch of tx2 modules (sn info: 699-83310-1000D02 L, 900-83310-0001-000 BB).
The phenomenon is: HDMI display screen is normal during startup, Then the software interface cannot be displayed, only the cursor is displayed, and the touch screen is normal when touching the screen. At this time, dmesg has an error message per second:
tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: sanitize_flip_args: WIN 3 invalid size:w=0,h=0,out_w=0,out_h=0

After testing, I found that disable uart7 by flash the bpmp dtb can restore the display to normal, the error message is also disapear. when i enable uart7,the above err occurs again.

In the previously purchased tx2 module(699-83310-1000-D02 K, 900-83310-0001-000 AZ), there was no such problem. uart7 can be enabled and the application display is normal. please help me how to solve this problem.

TX2 modules have lots of PCN update already. Please put it to devkit and flash r28.5 and see if it can work first.

If it cannot and uart7 is still then problem, then it seems to be hardware design problem.

hi WayneWWW,
thanks for your reply.
i found the pcn file in the jetson download center, there are 2 pcn files , PCN206440, PCN209140, both of them are not include this issue.
PCN206440, we’ve checked already.
PCN209140, Any Jetson TX2 with 699 level part number 699-83310-XXXX-D12 may be affected by this PCN.
The module in our hands does not include this part number.

what should i do next?

Do you have NV devkit on your side?

yes, i do, put the newer tx2 on devkit is the same

What same?

請把這兩片tx2 module放到devkit carrier board. Flash rel-32.7.3 或rel-28.5 然後回報結果


Please put these two TX2 modules to devkit carrier board. Flash with 32.7.3 or 28.5 BSP and share the result. That is the only thing to do now.

on devkit :
Disable uart7, and the ui will work properly. If uart7 is enabled, the ui cannot be displayed, only one cursor is displayed


麻煩給我log. 原始的bsp就可以了 不需要自己去改動uart7

Please share me the log based on original BSP. Don’t need to change UART7 by yourself.

Okay, I’ll reply when I’m ready, thanks.

麻煩rel-28.5跟rel-32.7.3都各燒錄一次 謝謝

Please flash both rel-28.5 and rel-32.7.3 on devkit. Thanks.

Is there anything wrong with the forum? I can’t upload the log file anymore

Still works fine on my side. Please check your ethernet connection.

I’m sorry for late reply, here is the log file run on devkit.

Processing: r32.7.3native.log…
Processing: r28.5.native.log…

Please wait until the upload is done and then send out your post.

r28.5.native.log (198.8 KB)
r32.7.3native.log (58.9 KB)

Looks like both versions still work fine. Could you test these modules on your custom board with rel-32.7.3 or rel-28.5?

Both rel-32.7.3 and rel-28.5 works fine on our custom board when using original BSP.
The following is the log file when I release UART7 by change bpmp-dtb section with rel-28.5 on devkit. At this time, the screen is not displayed.

The complete command is : dd if=tegra186-a02-bpmp-quill-p3310-1000-c04-00-te770d-ucm2_sigheader.dtb.encrypt of=/dev/mmcblk0p13

r28.5.releaseUart7.log (306.4 KB)

What is your exact purpose to “release UART7”? What do you want to do here?

sorry, “release UART7” maybe Description error.
In our product, uart7 is used as a regular serial port. so need to enable uart7 by modify bpmp-dtb like this:
port = <0xff>;

The problem is that when I enable uart7, even on devkit, the screen will not display