TX2 Production Module Boot Fail


We bought TX2 production modules. All of that are 15.
And We are still using JetPack 3.3
One of them has a issue. And there is a different problem depending on the version.
I tested 3 version of JetPack.

1.JetPack 3.3.4
The system is run and I can get the Ubuntu gnome display.
But there is a error message with flash log .
sdkm-2022-07-20-10-21-57.log (1.1 MB)

  1. JetPack3.0 & JetPack 3.2
    System is booted on the Debug Serial, but display doesn’t works.

Error Messages come out as follows:

And This is a boot log.
boot_logo.txt (75.3 KB)

What is the problem?
Any other 14 modules are fine. Only this module has a issue.

If you hotplug the monitor after the system is up, would you see the error?

I mean do not connect any HDMI monitor before boot. After boot up, wait for like 30 sec, plug in the HDMI monitor.

I did it, but there is no display on the monitor.


Could you share me the /var/log/Xorg.0.log when you try above test case?

I tested hdmi connected and disconnected case when it boot.
And those are same. Anyway, I share both of them
hdmi_connected.txt (24.7 KB)
hdmi_disconnected.txt (24.7 KB)

This kind of display failure looks like not hardware issue,
But only one of them has a issue. It looks hardware issue.
So, I can’t make a decision to request RMA.


Sorry for late reply. According to the xorg log, it seems the driver in use is wrong.

By default, it should be nvidia graphic driver, but it shows fbdev driver. Which will lead the GUI fails to launch.

The problem here is I don’t think this would only happen to just one module. Are you sure the software on all these 15 modules are same?

Also, could you check and compare the xorg.0.log between the working module and this NG module?

The graphic issue comes out in our environment.
Customer’s environment with old sdkmanger can’t complete to flash JetPack.
I tested only issued module and I couldn’t find the way for using old version sdk manager on our environment.
And I didn’t tested any other 14 modules.

I would go customer office in next week.
I will update it after I tested flash in customer’s environment.

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks

Pretty old JetPack has some version issues with TX2 modules.
IF TX2 module’s version is D00, you should use JetPack 3.2 or later.
IF module’s version is D02, you should use JetPack 3.3.3 or later.

And you’d better check if SDKmanager supports the old L4T or not.

Module has a issue what I can’t define the reason.
The first carrier board couldn’t flash issued module ever before I tested.
Second carrier board can flash but it has a issue what I asked in this post.

And then we can flash first carrier board.
But there is a issue with issued module.
It has a issue 3~4 times if it boots 10 times.

There is no issue any other modules.
Only this module has a issue. I think hardware is unstable internally.
But I can’t find a reason.

What is the exact “issue” here. It sounds like you have multiple problems and please try to clarify the exact error you want to ask.

If the issue is flash problem, please try with @Mt.Hiker’s suggestion here. We have lots of PCN update so some old jetpack may not be able to flash without patch. Try to flash with latest version first. (for your case, jp 3.3.3 or later).

If you are asking other kind of boot issue, please you need to share detail. Is it same as what you asked in the beginning or it is another new issue?

Same bsp has no issue with other modules.
Same flash process, same host pc, same bsp, same carrier board.
Only this module has a problem.
And problem is different when environment is changed.
So, there are several issues.

I think finding problem is no need in this case.
I’ve flashed a lot of modules in the past year.
Only this case , I can’t define the correct reason.
I just predict it looks manufacturing problem.


Are you able to understand what we are asking here?

The module could be different too because of the PCN. Do you understand what is “PCN” I am talking bout here?

If the module is different, then your “same bsp has no issue on other modules” does not matter. Thus is why I am asking which jetpack version is in use.

Part Changed Notification.

Any other 15 modules are same production.

So which jetpack release are you using? Could you just test with latest jp3.3.3 or even jp4.6.1 to check if that module can work or not?

If it cannot, then I agree to what you said. If it can work, then we need to check what is going on.

I tested , two host pc, 4 jetpacks version
And old version jetpack, one time no pcn updated, any other time pcn updated.
And there are 4 different issues for all cases.

Could you just tell us what jetpack versions are tested? I am not sure why you just don’t want to tell us this info. We just need that info to make sure you test is correct and we won’t check anything else.

I serve lots of asking from lots of cutomers.
I can’t concentrate on only this issue.

Maybe I can explain later or test more, If you want to find problem.

Then I would suggest you could think more about it before filing topic. If you really want others to help check your issue, then you file topic. If you don’t want others to help, then you don’t do that.

This is kind of wasting the effort of other people if you just keep doing this behavior.

Ok, sorry for that. I exactly know whay you worried. and what I did.
I would suggest I should do it in a week.

But I already test fully 3~4 days for it.
And any other same release modules has no issue.
How can I understand.

And there are several problem cases by each environment and jetpack.
I need to use effort for only this single module, If I have to do what you want.
It makes me worry.

Anyway, I’m so sorry if you feel I rude.