Profiling LLC Misses on Jetson Nano

Hi, I’m trying to profile the LLC misses on my Jetson Nano (4.9.253-tegra) using the Linux Perf tool which I built using this script (jetson-nano-kernel/ at master · yoffy/jetson-nano-kernel · GitHub).

However, it’s missing the following events:

  • LLC-load-misses
  • LLC-loads
  • LLC-store-misses
  • LLC-stores

I saw an old thread (How to profile LLC misses) about profiling LLC misses on the TX2 and the response was that it wasn’t supported by Cortex-A57 at the time. Has support been added since then?

Is there any way I can profile these events on my Nano? Thanks!

Nano is earlier chip than TX2, I don’t think Nano have support it. Please check on XNX

Hi Shane, sorry could you please clarify what XNX means in this context?

It’s Xavier NX.

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