(Project Sharing) Access Jetson's serial debug console remotely from cloud portal


Our team has successfully in establishing connectivity from the Jetson serial debug console to the web portal.

This feature enables us to access devices for lower-level debugging conveniently through web browser remotely and will enhance our ability to efficiently manage devices and address issues promptly, ensuring secure operations.

If you’re interested in trying out our new connectivity feature, feel free to leave a message here, we will share the detailing whitepaper for your reference! We welcome your feedback and participation thank you.

Below are two screen captures showcasing its capabilities. Following a Jetson reboot, the terminal displays detailed diagnostic information throughout the boot process.

Start rebooting Jetson from cloud portal portal

Showing all diagnostic information during booting from cloud console

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Showing its capability. Enter UEFI and Boot Manager from our cloud portal during rebooting process