PSID mismatch - Update SX6005 firmware

Dear friends,

I have a PSID mismatch problem with updating my SX6005 switch.

flint -d “lid-7” -i fw-sx-9_4_2000-MSX6005T_Ax.bin b

Current FW version on flash: 9.3.2000

New FW version: 9.4.2000

-E- PSID mismatch. The PSID on flash (EMC1260110026) differs from the PSID in the given image (MT_1260110026).

I also checked ‘OEM firmware download’ site, but can’t find bin file which matches EMC flash.

Could you please help me to figure out how to solve this problem?

Many thanks!


Hi Michaell,

Since this an EMC OEM product, you should contact EMC to get the correct FW file