Purchasing Tegra X1 and development platform in South Africa

Hello we are working towards building a new vehicle platform which we are wanting to use the Tegra X1 platform. However we have not been able to source the dee board or the module. Please can you point us in the correct direction.


Thanks for your inquiry, we are currently looking into the distribution and certifications required for South Africa.


Thank you for the answer. Is it possible for us to order development boards directly as we have a proof of concept we are needing to push forward on.



Unfortunately not, sorry about that. If you contact distributor Silicon Highway (sales@siliconhighway.co.uk), they may be able to help you — a heads-up that there will likely be increased freight charges for the shipping, however.

Hi thank you. I tried to request to purchase from them. Can you let them know we can purchase?


OK. We are currently investigating if certifications/ect. are needed for SA.

Hi Dusty,

Do you have any feedback on this for us.


Peter Dormehl

Thanks Peter, our representative should be getting in touch with you about it.

Hi Dusty,

Thanks we have received a route to purchase the development platforms. Can I ask if there is any progress on sourcing the modules?


When the module production is completed (scheduled later next month), you should be able to get through them same channel as the devkit.

I bought mine from newegg.com. I’m pretty sure they ship internationally. They have a one-unit-per-customer restriction. I’m pretty sure you can afford the shipping costs and import duty :)


PS: I am not affiliated with newegg.com; I’m just a satisfied customer.