PWM on Jetson TX1

I’m looking to get PWM working through GPIO for my TX1, but I haven’t seen much information on how to do so. I’m kind of a noob with this stuff, but from what I can tell I’ll need to recompile the kernel with changes to some of the GPIO and/or pin mux .dtsi files.

Can anyone provide a list of detailed steps to get TX1 PWM working? Things including which .dtsi files to edit and what to change? Maybe some brief info on how to recompile the kernel and get the updated image/modules in place?

Thanks in advance!

You may find this thread useful:

Some of the instructions specifically for cross-compile of a JTX1 kernel in this particular reply:

Since you are looking at pinmux be sure to pay attention to the “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” FDT key/value pair. The dtb file usually does not need to be installed, but since you want to change pinmux, look for your particular dtb file from here kernel source tree after build:

find <kernel location>/arch/arm64 -name "<whatever your dtb .dtb name is>"