Python-CFFI error: OSError Invalid Argument

Just trying to submit a bug report.

I installed the demo and it worked fine, running from the audio file and the face animated. I stopped the playback and just did other work on the computer, and eventually this error showed up. I can click OK, then after awhile it shows up again. I also notice the GPU memory fills up, not sure if its related or not.

Hi @user56551
It looks like the GPU is running out of resource and stuck there.
Which graphic driver version are you using?
I assume it works fine once your machine is restarted. If you start just A2F app without the other application, can you check if the GPU memory keep going up?
Thank you.


Driver 472.47 (the number on task manager is

Ill try the restart later, but I think in either case, the python error is a bug, because it shouldn’t be breaking python but rather catch an exception and report it to the consol.