Quadro vs latest Studio Driver

Currently have both a Titan V and Quadro A5000 installed together.

Until I can afford a 2nd A5000 am running the latest Studio driver for the TitanV
Version 528.49 release date 02/08/2023

Should I be running the latest Quadro driver instead?

Hi @bach44 and welcome back to the NVIDIA developer community.

In general we follow a universal driver model which means that if a given architecture and OS is supported by a driver, any GPU with that architecture should run in normal operation with that driver.

The differences are use-case optimizations. They fall roughly into four categories:

  • Desktop and Gaming use (Game Ready drivers (GRD))
  • Creative applications (Studio drivers)
  • Workstation graphics (Quadro)
  • HPC (Datacenter)

You should check which use-case comes closest to yours and decide based on that. If you install GRD or Studio on a Quadro, you will not have certain (Gaming) graphics features that are simply not supported by Quadro board designs.
If you install Quadro drivers, there will not be all Gaming optimizations available, but acceleration for most creative apps should still work fine.

I hope that helps!