Question about mux batch behavior in multi-camera

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I have a question about how nvstreammux works.
When batching with multi-camera, the mux will use the batched-push-timeout
time, and the batch is created when the frames are completely aligned or when that time has elapsed, as I understand it.

For example, suppose you have 3 cameras and batch-size=3, and you receive frames from 2 cameras within the batched-push-timeout time. Suppose further that a frame is received from a third camera slightly beyond the batched-push-timeout limit.
In this case, the first two frames would be created as a batch, but the last one would be dropped?
Or is it retained as the first frame of a new batch?

I think it will be the the first frame of a now batch. Please set live-source for camera source.

Gst-nvstreammux — DeepStream 6.0.1 Release documentation (

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Thank you very much.
I will try it with live-source=1.

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