Question: how to Builded jetpack move to custom board

Two more things here:

  1. We do not support flashing a Jetson device with a Jetson device. Please use an x86 PC for doing it.
  2. SDK Manager is only applicable on official DevKits by NVIDA. You should use flashing scripts manually with custom carrier boards.

Custom Board-1 is simply a board for installing the initial basic package on Custom Board-2. First of all, it is only for package installation by using Board-1 on Tarter custum board-2.
Does DaveYYY’s answer mean that Custom Board-1 should only be used as a Jetson Developer Kit?
(In the end, if the system configuration in the captured photo above does not match, please provide information on the configuration for the initial package install of Target custom board-2 (jetson carrier custom board).

You should use flashing scripts manually with custom carrier boards.

Please provide a little more specific explanation about the above-mentioned content (installation method).
Is it the right way to install with the captured picture configuration below?

Please just answer if it’s an x86 PC or a Jetson/ARM device…
If it’s an x86 PC, then it’s fine.
If it’s an Jetson/ARM device, then it’s not going to work.
Or you don’t know the difference between x86/ARM?

Please use an x86 PC for flashing any Jetson devices, including DevKits and custom boards.
Can we stop wasting time on these meaningless questions?

OK, I understand.
Let’s try again with the system configuration mentioned above.
thank you


I think I was unable to reply accurately because the reply came while I was writing the reply and I could not see your reply accurately.

The Board-1 I use is an x86 PC.

Many thanks for your help

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