Question on developting DRAM Test program on TX1

Let me have a couple of question on developing DRAM test program on Jetson TX1.

  1. nvtboot source code (1st bootloader : Memory initialization with cfg file)
  2. Solution to set the Memory frequency to 800MHz at the bootloader(uboot)
  • in the nvtboot : Do training at 408->665->800->1065->1331->1600Mz, finally set to 800MHz
    -> how to set Memory frequency to 1600MHz(nvtboot code or uboot code)

S/W Engineer would like to test DRAM at uboot stage not kernel to have more free memory to be tested. I would like to have source code of nvtboot for manupulating the DRAM CLK, AC timing and etc after uboot. I only have binary code for nvtboot.

  1. Solution to change Memory VDD1/VDD2/VDDDQ in the bootloader(uboot)
    Can I get H/W or S/W solution to change DRAM voltage(VDD1/VDD2/VDDQ) at boot stage?

I appreciate your help.


It would be a great tool.
Have you looked at Memory characterization tool (shmoo) available for TK1 ?
Could be a good start to understand how it works.

On H/W side you only need to plug phidget board to jumpers J3, J4 and J6 (for automatic reset/enter recovery/ON-OFF)… to be confirmed by NVIDIA but I think even with different PMIC from K1 the flow could be the same for TX1.

Changing the voltage of VDDQ on TK1 was done by PWR_I2C control (to change AMS AS3722 registers values).
you need :
-is VDDQ produced by PMIC or other DC-DC converter ?
-if it does, which registers you need to erase to change their values ?