Question one piece of the Jetson TX2 (development kit)


The problem:
After a 12V connection on the power supply through the jack connector, some component had burnt (probably the Q30, i have a picture if needed)
Now the jetson does boot even if some LED is still showing red when we connect the normal connector.
Concerning the manipulation done, it may (no way to ensure this) be related to polarity inversion.

The questions:
The kit is still under warranty, does it include some support on this type of issue ?
Otherwise is there any way to repair the kit ?

Thanks for your help

Hi, are you using TX2 or TX2i module? If TX2, the Q30 can be removed and short the pad directly if you suspect it is broken. Please check the OEM DG and schematic to do this modification. If problem still, you might need to run RMA process.