Question with image size & debug uart


  1. r5的bin文件大小是否有限制?r5的bin文件是否需要加载到r5的256K的iram后运行?是否能访问ddr
  2. r5的调试串口只能是uartG?是否有其他调试方法,因为我们的uartG硬件没能引出
  1. yes. Please refer to doc/ for SPE firmware binary size limitation.
    yes. It should run in 256-kilobyte SRAM attached to TCM interface.
    yes. It can access shared DRAM. The sample IVC channel implementation exchanges messages through shared memory. Refer to “doc/” for details.
  2. There are 2 UART ports which SPE R5 can access. Switching R5 debug UART port may need some changes. You can refer to “doc/” for details.