Questions about Jetson TX1 and CUDA 9.0

I use JetPack3.2 for my TX1. However, the following error occurred while running my project on TX1.
error = cudaSucess (48 vs. 0) no kernel image is available for execution on the device
The online information tells me that the GPU and CUDA version do not match, which means the GPU of TX1 is too backward to use CUDA9.0. I wonder if this statement is correct and what is the cause of this error?


Error 48 is cudaErrorNoKernelImageForDevice, indicating that:
There is no kernel image available that is suitable for the device. This can occur when a user specifies code generation options for a particular CUDA source file that do not include the corresponding device configuration.

In short, TX1 architecture is sm=53. Please make sure you compile your program with sm=53 flag.
For example:

nvcc test.cpp -gencode arch=compute_XX,code=sm_XX -o test