No kernel image available for execution on the device

Hi guys!
I’m trying to learn cuda, so i was running one of the samples, exactly addwith cuda and i received this message with kernel launch failed, no kernel image available for exec on the decice. I google it but nothing specific found. From what could be?

I’m having Geforce 820m and Cuda 9.0

GeForce 820M appears to be a GPU with compute capability 2.1. CUDA 9 requires a GPU with compute capability >= 3.0. This change was warned about in CUDA 8 by appropriate deprecation notices. From the opening section of the CUDA Programming Guide:

[url]Programming Guide :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation
Removed documentation specific to compute capability 2.x (Fermi) since it is no longer supported in CUDA 9.0.

oh i understand now, i skipped that part from the documentation, thank you so much for answering