[R21.2] no Audio devices...on TK1

I just reflash it to R21.2 and now there is no audio, and under system setting > sound,there is no devices there… how do I fix it?

I have the same problem. In the system log, a message from pulseaudio reports that it “could not initialize device module-alsa-sink”. The message is repetitively being added about once every second.

same problem. “aplay” report some private address error.

ok…so is not just me… is there a solution??

What does “dmesg | grep -i -e alsa -e snd -e sound” say right after boot? You can also put the whole log to some pastebin.

found the problem and solution for it.

if you have very old image (example: stock ROM that came with Jetson R19~R20), you will need to flash to the official JETPACK first and flash again to the [CustomKernel] The Grinch ROM