R32.3.1 TX2-4g Scanning mmc 1:1... hang on new hardware

Got a new batch of tx2s and there is a minute hang on Scanning mmc 1:1… while booting, the MINUTE hang is killing my boot time.

HELP, Please


Could you explain more about this? What the scanning mmc is?
Could you reflash with the JetPack 4.6 to see if issue still present?


using the serial console, cboot info comes up and when the kernel boot starts it hands on the line “Scanning mmc 1:1”

We reloaded all the software and it started to work again, is it possible that gang loading tx2’s can cause a glitch that results in the boot hang?

Can’t reload anything other than our r32.3.1 system, too much work/changes and too late in the product development cycle to change/keep up with NVIDIA new software releases.


Please check if your TX2-4GB module is included in those PCN update.


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