R32.3.1 TX2 Why does flash.sh --no-flash require a usb connection

Please fix flash.sh

In --no-flash it should just do the work and skip checking for the usb device and such.


Could you paste your error message here?

Hi terrysu50z,

Please don’t just open a topic without clear information or description on your issue or just ask us to fix somethings, that will not have any help on resolving the issue you met.


So if there is a problem how does it get fixed.

So what should I do if I create a topic and it never gets any response.

Terry, what was asked is that you provide more information along with your posts so we can help debug and triage them, as opposed to curtly posting with only your questions in the topic title or one-liners. The more information you can provide us, the better we can help. As asked above, can you please provide the error log you receive? Thanks.