Problem of Tx2 booting up

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 lts for host PC and flashed the latest jetpack 4.2.2.
At the beginning I when the OS was flashed, it showed error of “device not connected via ssh”.
After somehow trying flashing 3-4 times, everything seemed working and display was also working. But later on the next day, the display, keyboard and mouse do not work after boot up. I even tried reflashing, but it rarely works every time we switch it on. This problem has not let me progress further, please help.

Keep in mind that you do not need to actually flash before installing other software packages (provided it boots). If “ssh” is in error, then this means it was expected to have a running system, and this is not part of the flash step…this is for extra software. First boot after a flash requires you to create an account, and if that account does not exist, then ssh will fail.

Networking itself is required prior to ssh working. Which IP address did you use? Can you ping that address?

Just as a general comment, the flash step often fails if you use a VM, so you might want to give details on whether your host is a native Ubuntu install (versus a VM).

Also, the provided micro-B USB cable is high quality, but if you used a phone or charger cable, then these are terrible quality so far as data goes, and often fail.