TX2 USB Port Not Working After Flashing

I flashed my NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and now the USB port isn’t working. I flashed it with the Jetpack 4.5.1 on my VMware virtual machine. After flashing, I received these two errors:

Failed to Start Load Kernal Modules
Failed to Start Configure USB Flashing Port for Device Mode

Thank you in advance for your help!

The issue could be flashing through virtual machine. We would suggest use host PC with Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04.

An added comment related to the above error…

Kernel modules are always found at:
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel

The “uname -r” is built into the kernel at the time it is compiled. Change the kernel in any way which changes the “uname -r”, and the old module path is invalid. Modules in the old path would fail to be found. Custom kernel builders often do this via failing to properly set the CONFIG_LOCALVERSION.

If the “uname -r” is correct, but modules are not found, then it might be the lack of success is due to running inside an initrd, and the initrd does not have modules set up correctly…one could have the actual hard drive set up correctly, but if the failure is prior to loading the hard drive as the rootfs, then those modules would never be found.

Something is messed up with either the root filesystem, or else with the kernel. It is possible the VM has something incorrect, or else you’ve customized something. If you didn’t customize, then I will suggest that it is even more likely something with your VM is not valid.

FYI, if kernel modules fail to load, and if any USB feature is in the form of a module, then it guarantees USB failure every time.

This particular error does not occur when performing flashes in a regular Linux/Ubuntu environment using SDK Manager unless something is modified/custom. It could be your procedure within the VM is at fault, or else the VM itself changed something (and VMs are not really a replacement for an Ubuntu computer unless you’ve done a perfect job at VM setup).

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