Flash Issue - The target is in a bad state

Hello. I have tx2 module without display, when i try install jetpack 4.6.1 i get error [Flash Issue - The target is in a bad state] like this (Flash Issue - The target is in a bad state)
I try do sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1 // For Jetson TX2 and its make “The target t186ref has been flashed successfully” but now, how can i install CUDA and other dependents? I cant get login and password for jetson. PLEASE HELP

the default username/password is “nvidia” in small letters.
then you can try what i have done.

  1. restart the board in recovery mode.
  2. open SDK manager, and wait until it detects the module.
  3. uncheck OS installation option and check cuda SDK, and wait until it finish the installation process.

That is, I first flash in recovery mode, then restart TX2 again in recovery mode and separately install the components?

yes, that what I did and it worked with me.

Ill trying. ty. And actually another question - do u have problem with usb ports? When i install jetpack 3.3 my usb not working at all

good luck with it.
regarding the USB port, I used jetpack 4.5 and 4.6 and both are working fine.

Actually i got it error

And my Ethernet didnt see TX2 too

mb need another default ip? Actually, i dont know what can i do, i trying install JP 4.5 same problem

The is the IP on the TX2 usb port if you connect the micro usb port on jetson with your host machine.

However, this requires your host to support ncm. If your host does not support it, then just use wired ethernet should work too. It does not matter what kind of interface you want to use, just make sure your host and jetson have a pair of IP that you can ping each other.

I cant use ethernet because after flasing with file .sh, router see TX2 like localhost.localdomain and has ip - but i cant connect with username “nvidia” and pass: “nvidia”, so i dont know what can i do

Are you sure your account/password are nvidia/nvidia? Do you have other interface that can access the board?

For example, HDMI monitor + usb keyboard on jetson.

i dont have monitor connector on TX2, so i flash with file flash.sh and not sure what account/password will set
How i can install jetpack 4+ without monitor?

You should at least get one interface to check whether your board is able to boot up first.

I flash with flash.sh but now TX2 didnt see usb, what problem?

“jetpack 3.3?”
Could you flash with newer version?


Please clarify what kind of board is in use too.

If this is some kind of custom carrier board, then it may have change that this kind of board does not work with sdkmanager at all. For such case, you need to contact the board vendor.

I saw your another post. You are not using devkit. So usb fails to work is expected.

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