Unable to Flash Jetpack 3.3.4 to TX2 Devkit

Setup: PC with a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 and sdkmanageer, and a TX2 Devkit connected via Micro USB.

I need to flash Jetpack 3.3.4, but the process fails every time with the message “The Target is in a bad state and cannot be flashed. Please manually put the target into recovery mode and then retry flashing.” On the TX2’s UART0 I see the system booting into ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS.

What’s wrong? I tried Jetpack 4.6.2, and this seems to work.

The TX2 module has a label “For use in Nvidia Developer Kit only” and “094-0017-001/28-09-2017”.

If the board is in recovery mode, then you shouldn’t see any log from the uart.

Make sure the recovery mode button is held while either powering up or resetting power. If this is not a dev kit, then you would short the recovery pin to ground. Then, as soon as power is up or reset, let go of the recovery button (or unshort the recovery pin from ground). If that is done, and it still has an issue, you’ve probably found a bug or hardware issue.

The board is in recovery mode. Flashing the partiotions start and seem to complete, but sdkmanager seems to expect something else. The second part (Cuda, …) does not start - the flashing aborts before that.

I don’t see any error messages in the TX2 console output. I would attach the log to this posting, but cannot figure out how. Pasting 96k of text into the text field doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

Yes, this is not reasonable.

Please attach it as a text (.txt) file. The forum is able to upload file.

console-log.txt (94.7 KB)

Here they are.


If you can operate your board with uart, then you don’t need to select “Jetson OS” in your sdkmanager anymore.

You already has an OS running. So no need to flash OS again. And only flashing OS requires recovery mode, installing SDK does not. SDK is using ethernet to send between your host and jetson.

FYI, CUDA and the other optional packages (e.g., samples) do not get installed with flash. Flash is just a base image. Once that completes the recovery mode Jetson reboots to normal booting. After you’ve completed the first boot account setup JetPack/SDKM uses ssh over ethernet to that account to install CUDA and others. If base flash succeeded, but you rerun JetPack/SDKM to install extra content, then flash itself can be unchecked since you already have that. Those packages are installed in a fully booted system without recovery mode.

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