RAMDISK: incomplete Write (28583!=29663)

Hello, We flashed jetson agx xavier with jetpack 4.5.1 without any problem. After log-in and run apt-get update & apt-get upgrade, we are getting that error when rebooting. It does not continue to complete boot. Could you help please?

hello mert.celenk,

I assume you could recover this board by re-flashing the AGX Xavier again.

are you working with Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kits?
please refer to Updating a Jetson Device, may I know which release version you’re going to update.

Hello, it is Jetson AGX Xavier 32GB Developer Kit. I flashed with jetpack 4.5.1 and used for a long time. We had some problems about kernel, tried to recover (you are right) by re-flashing with the same version(Not updating).

hello mert.celenk,

it’s r32.5.1 known issue, which has been fixed in the latest r32.6.1 release.

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Hello JerryChang, We upgraded 32.6.1 and will use that version. Thanks for your help.

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