Randomizer GUI

Hey, i installed omniverse last week and i have already one question. I tried to follow this tutorial

and noticed, that my GUI has some deviations compared to the GUI in that video.

I failed to create a randomnizer scene via windows->issac-> Movecomponent and co.

I found some Randomizer Examples docs:

Randomizer Examples — Omniverse Extensions documentation (nvidia.com)

My question is, is it possible to create randomnizer scenes only with python or is there still the GUI option?

I prefer for the beginning to use the GUI but if it is not possible i can switch to python.

Hi @jenkings23 - It is possible to use Randomizer tool with GUI. Please refer the attached document: Randomizer Tool — Omniverse Extensions documentation

I found this docs also this week, but i think i can only radomize my objects after i pressed seed. My goal is to run the randomization automatically all few minutes without setting anything.

Sorry, do you want to automatically load this extension every time you start the app?

If you want to automate the randomization then you will have to write the code. More information can be found here: Programming Guide

Hey, yes i want to automate the randomization and i notice i have to write my own code. Thanks for responding.

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