Recommended reading for handling dirty power down?


Could anyone point me in the direction of some good reading on how to configure an embedded system to handle regular power-off without being shutdown cleanly?

I’ve a bit of Linux experience but would by no means describe myself as an expert.

I’m designing a system around the Jetson Nano that will sit in a stack that is simply powered off every evening, it won’t be practical to expect the users to power down the system each evening.

Any pointers appreciated.



I’ve used two options in the past for SBCs, the most restrictive but efficient is making the SD card read only. This guide is for a Raspberry Pi but you get the idea:

Another more convoluted route is powering the board from a timed relay. The board itself listens on a GPIO for a loss of power to the relay and initiates a shutdown. By the time the relay powers off the system should be shut down safely.

Almost all the boards I run have this problem though, I’d love to hear what other people do to work around this problem!