[REGRESSION] [313.18 and 310.32] internal screen flickering - dell e6410 NVS 3100

I have problem on my dell laptop e6410 with internal screen since update to 313.18 and 310.32.
On 313.09 and 310.19 everything was ok.

Screen flickering like on a very low refresh but xrandr show 60 Hz.
Flickering only internal screen. External screen via DisplayPort is ok.

How to reproduce:

-> After update drivers I reboot system (kernel 3.7.4).
Internal screen is ok.
-> When I reboot system and plug in external monitor I enable second screen via xrandr command or nvidia-settings. I used option TwinView and Separate X server too.
-> external screen is ok, internal screen flickering.
disable and enable internal screen
->still that same.
reboot computer to bios or windows
-> screen still flickering. (windows show 60Hz)
disable computer, remove main battery and from mainboard
-> screen still flickering.

Now I’m calling to service … ;) They said me that I should try use old drivers.

so, installing 310.19
-> still flickering
enable external screen, disable internal screen, enable internal screen,
-> everything is ok.

Please explain me what drivers do because I cant understand it.

PS. When I switch on 310.32 between screens Xorg randomly crash.
PS2. I found : http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/t/19487280.aspx

Any additional information should I supply ? Anybody else have similar problem?

best regards,

I still have this problem with 313.26 drivers. How Can I investigate it ?

  1. Post the logs from nvidia-bugreport script.
  2. Downgrade drivers to 304 series, this “fixes” resyncs/flickering on my setup. See here : https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/523770/linux/repeated-monitor-flickering-resync-with-310-xx-driver-on-quantal-amd64/