Regression in 370.xx Series breaks KWin Compositing for Quadro Card

Figured I would cross post this bug here from the Arch and KDE bug trackers:

Basically, after upgrading to the 370.xx (both beta + stable), compositing broke in KWin (worked before on previous drivers) for Quadro cards (desktop is fine for me).

unfortunately there is little information for us to work from, but if there is an apparent regression in the NVIDIA driver, it’s not unlikely to be a bug on our side.
As I understand it, kwin is bailing on startup because it’s failing a self test, but I haven’t found any error message of why it’s failing it. I imagine that a shader is failing to compile (possibly due to a regression in our shader compiler), or something similar. It would be nice to get this information from kwin instead of having to navigate blindly.
That said, if you can provide an easy way to reproduce the problem, that should be enough for us to track the regression - assuming there is one in our driver.