[Regression] Pinkish screen after waking from standby if previously suspended without hdmi link to t

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 32Bit with XBMC with NVIDIA GT 610.
The GT 610 is connected via HDMI to the AVR and AVR to the TV.

Starting with driver version 304.51 I am getting pinkish screen after waking from standby in case previously suspended without hdmi link to the display.

Here is a photo about it:

This is 100% reproducable by the following steps:
0. Starting point: PC, AVR and TV are all ON.

  1. Turn Off the TV
  2. Turn Off the AVR
  3. Wait until AVR closes the HDMI pass-through, so there is no HDMI link from the PC to the TV
  4. Suspend the PC without turning ON the TV and AVR
  5. Turn on the TV and AVR
  6. Wake up the PC
  7. See the pinkish screen :)

Rolling back to NVIDIA driver 295.75 and all is fine.

Could you please have a look an investigate if this is a bug? I am all for providing any testing and help in case needed.

Thank you in advance!

Here is the debug log.

I am far from being an expert, but it looks like the driver doesn’t re-read the EDID in response to the hotplug event from the AVR? I am just guessing…
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (74.8 KB)

Is this issue reproduce without AVR? Which command/procedure you are using to suspend system ?
Does only xbmc window becomes pink ? OR Whole desktop becomes pink ?

Thank you for your response!

This issue doesn’t exist without AVR because there is a direct link to the TV.

There is also no problem in case you suspend the PC while the AVR is still maintaining the HDMI link (hdmi pass-through is up). However the problem is immediatelly popping up if one suspend the PC after the AVR cut the HDMI link to the TV.

It is not only XBMC, the desktop becomes pink as well. In fact XBMC is not needed at all to reproduce the issue. It is reproducable by using ‘pm-suspend’ command from X as well.

…and once more, driver version 295.75 and before this is not happening, all is fine.

Here is a new bug report log made after I’ve started X server with ‘-logverbose 6’ and made a suspend/resume cycle using ‘pm-suspend’ command.

The issue can also be reproduced without AVR (simulating what the AVR does) with HDMI directly connected to the TV on the following way:

  • Turn on PC and Start X
  • plug out the HDMI cable from the PC
  • Suspend the PC with ‘pm-suspend’
  • plug the HDMI cable back in
  • wake the PC
  • you should see the screen becoming pink on resume
    nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (98.3 KB)

Alright, I finally found the culprit.
This is only happening with driver version > 304.51 and having ‘Option “ColorSpace” “YCbCr444”’ in xorg.conf.

I hope this helps to get the bug fixed.