Reinsall TensorRT from Jetpack not happening?

Hi There,

I inadvertently deleted the file giexec from tensorrt/samples/trtexec (Jetson-TX2 board). What’s the best way to get the file back? I tried to get Jetpack to reload TensorRT, and it says it did, but giexec still isn’t there. (I even renamed the tensorrt directory, in case it was checking, but not that hard), but it’s not being reinstalled. I’ve got the USB and ethernet hooked up and am pretty sure I have nework connectivity to the board.

Do I just need to reflash the entire TX2, or is there some other step in the Jetpack GUI that I’m missing?

Thanks for any help!


The Jetpack looks for package TesorRT which is still installed. You have several options :

  • Uninstall TensorRT form device via JetPack and then install it again
  • Uninstall TensorRT package via apt command from Jetson and install it again with JetPack
  • Download tar of TensortRT from, unpack it and compile again samples.