Relion 3.* containers lack the Relion GUI?

Dear NGC team,

It looks like the 3.0.8 and 3.1.0 versions of the Relion container do not have the Relion GUI installed? Shelling into the container bunch of relion_***** executables under /usr/local/relion/bin, but no relion itself. I was wondering whether this was intentional or perhaps could be complemented with a GUI-fied release as well?

The 2.1.b1 container does have a GUI and works wonderfully - it’d be great if the 3.* series had this capability, too.

Latest Relion images were optimized mostly for cluster usage, and GUI part was not included for making container smaller.

Thanks, that’s what I thought (and 250M vs 1.5G is indeed quite a difference). OTOH, even on a cluster researchers often like to use a GUI before (or after) their runs. Not to mention less experienced users, classroom use, offline workstations, etc.

Do you think it would be possible to make a “3.1.0-gui” tag in addition to the current slim “3.1.0”? This way people would have freedom to choose the version that better suites their needs?

This is a good question we will think about that, but right now I don’t have any answer for your question.

Thank you for mentioning this!

Hi @ikuksenok, just wanted to gently revive the topic and check if there was any decision on this?

I noticed new 3.1.2 Relion container is out, and we would really love to have a GUI-fied version along with the slim and streamlined CLI-only one (there’s definitely a demand for both among our user base here at Purdue). Thanks again for considering!