Remote development in Nsight Eclipse Edition


I am a CUDA trainer at Applied Parallel Computing (, NVIDIA partner. For a long time, we have been using NetBeans in our trainings. CUDA support in NetBeans is very basic, but remote development feature is essential for us. Usually attendees come with their laptops that might have neither NVIDIA GPU nor CUDA Toolkit installed; with NetBeans, students are able to upload the code via SSH, compile it remotely, run it and see results with one click.

Unfortunately, even with CUDA 5.0 we have to resort to NetBeans with its limited CUDA support, because Nsight Eclipse Edition lacks remote development. I know that this feature has been planned for future releases; any info on the roadmap and estimated time of availability?


Remote development support is definitely among the top features we are looking to add to Nsight EE. We do not have any roadmap or set date for providing this functionality.

A hackish solution in the mean time could be to set up a plink (windows) or ssh (*nix) connection with a public/private key to the build environment then in the IDE edit all the commands, prepending them with plink -C, making the guest computer ssh into the host computer.

It would be troublesome to get all your attendees to do this manually. Is there a way to export a build configuration and import it into other projects?