Rendering Tips and tricks Sharing

Hi Everyone,

Let’s share some findings and tips on using Omniverse Create for rendering .
Please feel free to share your findings for knowledge sharing.

I will start with one about tone mapping which greatly affect the output in terms in terms of look and feel.
The default tone mapping in omniverse is Aces and this produces contrast colors but pretty extreme white and darks which is not always desirable . For people looking to better control the white and dark, you can test out the Reinhard and Modifield Reinhard which is very familiar for people using Vray. The colors will look wash out but details are retained with reduce over/under exposure, the colors can be brought back via color correction in post.

Simple test example below.

Aces tone mapping

Modified Reinhard with color correction

Aces tone mapping is suppose to be a newer and “better” implementation but perhaps the omniverse create Aces is lacking the parameters customizability to achieve a better output, omniverse team can implement the parameters like the one in unreal engine for future release if possible. Thank you.

Unreal Engine’s Aces parameters