Rendering with CUDA in Autodesk


I am currently new to the entire CUDA concept but have read several articles and information on it. I just recently built a new computer primarily for 3d applications and purchase a Tesla C1060 along with a GTX 470. When I open up Autodesk Softimage and try to render a particle scene I previously built, all I see is PHYSX>CPU instead of PHYSX>GPU. Is there any code/script that needs to be written in order to enable the use of CUDA for PHYSX in different applications? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Don’t you think you should contact the maker of Autodesk Softimage to get help with their software?

Try to set gpu as physX device in some control panel. Windows, or nv. Though actual info should be supplied by software vendor.

Thanks for the response.

Yes I have tried to contact the Software Vendors to no avail. No one seems to have the answers so I was wondering if it was possible to write code to manipulate the software. I guess I will have to wait for answers.