Request DTSI sources for tegra194-a01-bpmp-p2888-a01.dtb

I’d like to request the release of the DTSI sources used to build tegra194-a01-bpmp-p2888-a01.dtb for all L4T 32.7.1 and 32.7.2

We need to amend the CAN bus clock speed for our product to1Mbps . In reading these:

I’d have to write into our build/flash scripts routines to accomplish the following:

  • decompile tegra194-a01-bpmp-p2888-a01.dtb
  • patch the dts to add the PLLAON CAN clocks
  • recompile giving it a product-specific name
  • patch p2972-0000.conf.common to use our new file for BPFDTB_FILE
  • then move on to flashing the target

By having the device tree sources, we could better track and cleanly build the boot-power dtb and install it with the our custom kernel and drivers. Decompiling and inserting numerics and recompiling is ugly and potentially error prone.

hello mk5mod3,

sorry, we do not public release bpmp-dtb sources.
you’ll need to decompiling tegra194-a01-bpmp-p2888-a01.dtb and modify the property for your use-case.

Thank you Jerry.

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