Request for: Gamescope and the VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier

With the push for Wayland and gbm in the driver, a feature that would assist significantly in games is the support of gamescope. Game scope relies on the VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier for gamescope to properly operate.

Is this something Nvidia is working on or can get started to help accelerate Wayland and gaming?


The new driver was released and does not address this, any update Nvida? This would be a vital addition to the current driver.

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Hi jrgiacone,
we are aware of the request and it is coming soon. We are working with Valve to ensure Gamescope runs well on our driver.
Below is the link for reference.


Hi amrits, do you mind if I ask for the timeline on this? Is it within the next few weeks, months, unknown…? I’m thinking this could solve some of the issues on sway where the game seems to flicker due to having issues holding mouse priority, This is noticed in games like stardew valley when running at a lower fps than your refreshrate. If you constantly keep your mouse moving there is no flickering.

Personally, with card prices coming down to earth I’m looking to punch out to AMD with my next card if this isn’t remedied in the very near future. Why wait another several months for everything to (hopefully) be hammered out?

I saw there was a merge a few days ago, is there any update form the nvidia side?

I have seen the PR, and it seems that NVidia just makes sure gamescope go on running even without the VK_EXT_image_format_modifier API, without LUT support.

We have implemented the feature and will be available in future release.

Will it not work without these?

That’s great! Sorry for my misunderstanding.

wlroots’ Vulkan backend also needs VK_EXT_image__drm_format_modifier API and will benefit from this update.

Will the older graphics cards be updated with this feature (especially GTX 1070)?

Looks like the most recent beta drivers have gamescope working, not at full performance but it’s a start, awesome work nvidia. I saw open-source kernal module potentially too, maybe user space is next? @amrits

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Ok so you can get a proper GPU usage if you set - sudo setcap ‘cap_sys_nice=eip’ /usr/bin/gamescope

However for some reason if you go higher up the resolutions, it’ll trigger some hard fps locks and very fluctuating gameplay locked to something like 10-20fps.
Tried debugging it to no avail. Real showstopper so far.

We see this issue with Gamescope producing very poor performance. @amrits could you attempt to reproduce this issue on your end and verify whether this is a driver issue?

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Just to close the loop here, the poor performance issue was reproduced and a fix is in the process of being integrated into our driver.

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