Vulkan questions about stereoscopic support, 10bit HDR support, Pascal, FastSync and NVGLSC..

have been compiling over past days adding a list of Vulkan questions to ask… now seems I have enough to ask here:

  1. Stereoscopic rendering support: WSI docs show how Vulkan theoretically supports stereoscopic rendering:
    “The swapchain images are represented by VkImage objects created by the platform. One image (which can be an array image for multiview/stereoscopic-3D surfaces) is displayed at a time”
    I know that stereoscopic support is not so hot this days ( with VR replacing it as the nice to have support) as some years ago but Nvidia still supports 3DVision ecosystem and also D3D12 still also supports it… so question is if Nvidia Vulkan driver currently has support for stereoscopic rendering or not? if there are plans to support eventually or not? if yes similar to OpenGL quad buffer stereo being supported only on Quadro GPUs or also on Geforce GPUs?

  2. HDR 10bit output support: I see a recent Nvidia developer blog showing that NV has worked with Rise of Tomb Raider devs to bring support of “true” HDR output to this game… I mean outputting 10 bit color to new HDR UHD TVs and upcoming HDR PC monitors that is supported on new Pascal 1080 GPU via HDMI2.0b and DP1.3/DP1.4… Nvidia claims it’s supported via NVAPI new calls. I asume that’s before standard/multi IHV HDR support coming to DX ecosystem later this year/early next as announced by Microsoft…
    Don’t know the current situation in Vulkan… so I ask:
    Vulkan/WSI supports 10 bit swapchaing VkImage?
    if yes NV Vulkan driver will expose that way for supporting new HDR support in GTX 1080?

  3. Pascal:
    can someone upload to vulkan.gpuinfo a GTX 1080 report so we can see what limits/optional features have changed in Pascal exposed via Vulkan vs Maxwell…

  4. Fast sync: NV has announced Fast Sync together with GTX 1080 but some reviews says even Maxwell may support it… it seems a control driver toggle… so question is about FastSync support on Vulkan apps… it’s posible? changes needed?

At Vulkan developer days there is a very interesting presentation talking about NVGLSC a offline GLSL compiler for Vulkan… seems it supports more extensions than glslang and provides similar functionality to the NV Vulkan GLSL extension of using GLSL directly from Vulkan…
AMD seems is exposing more support via extensions to the driver and patches for glslang like recently support for ballot instructions…
I would like to test using ballot GLSL instructions and on NV forces to use currently online GLSL compilation using the NV Vulkan GLSL extension for feeding GLSL directly to Vulkan driver…
I would like offline compilation and presentation says to ask the tool to a NV Vulkan contact…
so asking here if posible to get the tool?
Interested what the tool output format if extended SPIR-V or NV custom binary in that case how to feed to Vulkan driver?

Hope some questions can get answered if not all…


It’s sad that questions like these go unanswered by anyone from Nvidia.

I can’t answer your questions, but I can confirm that if an OpenGL game is initiated in a stereo window, it will render stereoscopically.

Take American McGee’s Alice, upon initializing the OpenGL subsystem the game itself needs to initiate that it wants stereoscopic capabilities by GLW_ChoosePFD and PIXELFORMAT. This is initiated by setting r_stereo=1 in the config folder. If r_stereo=0 is set, the game engine renders in 2D. (id Tech 3 Engine)

So anyhow, you can download the demo and confirm that Quad Buffer stereo is working in the latest drivers using a GeForce GTX GPU.

I never post here, hence the late reply. Anyhow, I hope that this helps someone, in some way.

BTW, they have a page dedicated to Vulkan