Required voltage levels of the CSI input pins


Please refer the image.

I’m Working on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit Carrier Board P3509_A01 for a project which uses camera and Serializer_DS90UB954-Q1 and Deserializer_DS90UB955-Q1 chips. The deserializer chip is connected to the Xavier Carrier board using camera connector on the carrier board. As you can see the image the voltage level for the CSI0_D0_P, CSI0_D0_N, CSI0_D1_P and CSI0_D1_N were not mentioned. Its just mentioned as input pin. I would like to know the voltage level of those input pins mentioned. Please share the documents for reference if any.!?

For standard CSI port, it should follow the specification of CSI. You can find the related info in the spec of CSI. The AVDD of CSI port is 1.2v.

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