RMA chat sent me here - CSI_data1_p seems to be damaged - different idle voltage, resistance and diode voltage

During the analysis of a CSI 2 problem the CSI lines were probed with an osciloscope and the idle voltage of CSI_DATA1_P is different from the other CSI2 data lines. This one has 0.9V while all the other lines have 1.2V. After shutting the Orin down, we measured the resistance to GND and the diode voltage and this data line is different from the rest.
CSI2_data1_p_and_n.bmp (1.4 MB)

Hi, is it pin C42 of module connector? Is it on Orin devkit or your custom board? Do you have another module/carrier to verify it is related to module or carrier?

Hi Trumany,
sounds like we measured on a different connector you are refering to. We measured on the pin 13 of the J509 connector, see screenshot.
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Edit: We only have one, maybe we are about to order a 2nd.