reset Ubuntu without reflashing the TX1

I installed the latest Jetpack 3.3 last week and the OS works fine. I made some attempts at running the Apollo auto platform on it which required installing many many things from source.

I subsequently found a blog that suggests an Automated way to do it. So I’d like to reset Ubuntu to after flash, then follow the blog.

The trouble is that the micro USB just broke off the board while moving it, so I cannot flash it.

I do however have all the packages and files that the jetpack downloads saved on my host OS.

Is there away to reset the OS to post flash state using those files over SSH or over a USB flash/drive?

The OS is running fine and I can access it fine, just would like to reset it and attempt a clean install of Apollo auto, since some deps like glog and gflags have specific install ordering.


I think I pretty much figured it out. I found the rootfs under


If you can boot under rescue type media, e.g., SD card, then you can do a lot with dd and a number of other tools (e.g., rsync). On the other hand, a flash is far more than just the root file system. There are many partitions, and if those get messed up during an attempt, then the system won’t work. After that the USB port would be the only access.

You can get other carrier boards for a TX1, but they might be expensive. It is one possibility to get around a broken USB port.

I did in fact attempt a recovery with SD, but I did mess up and now the system boots, but goes into a login loop.

I have an Auvidia J90 which has a micro-usb port. I am wondering if I can use that for flashing?

Presumably yes, but how do I get the TX1 module into recovery mode without the proper buttons?

A link on this would be great!

I have been reading through the specification sheet for the J90 and it does support flashing.

It has a 6pin connector (J5) that can be used for power button, reset, recovery, and sleep.

There is a 12V input to the board through a 4pin connector, that’s pretty clear. I have this connected to a portable power bank that is 12v to 19v adjustable.

I’ve plugged a USB to jumper adapter and I verified the power bank works on an Rpi with motor shield.

Now, about the J5 connection, I think I get that the power button is high and needs to be pulled low, but that means I need to splice this jumper coming out of the power bank right?

Seems wrong to me. Is there a more elegant solution?

The 6-pin is for the switch…the button you press and hold while powering up to recover. You’d still need the USB recovery port (the micro-USB 2 port). Looks like it does have one, but I’ve never used this carrier before. I am only guessing when I say this: The J90 should probably work for flashing.

The buttons all work by pulling to ground. I have not looked at the schematic of the board, but most of the time switch headers include one wire being ground (it would be odd if the given header did not have a ground). These are all momentary contact type switches…one would hold the recovery button down while tapping the power on button, and then release the power button (or resetting power while recovery is held down…then release recovery button as well).

I think this is just like the buttons on the dev carrier, but it goes to a header without the buttons being natively on the carrier. Splicing wouldn’t be used, only a momentary contact SPST switch which is normally off.