Resize image using the Sensor Serializer

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NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit (E3550)
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native Ubuntu 18.04

I am currently using the sensor serializer to get h264 images from my cameras.

I get the images by using :

  • dwSensorCamera_getImage
  • dwSensorSerializer_serializeCameraFrameAsync

But I would like to choose the output width and height of the h264 frames.
How can I do that?

Thanks !

It is the resolution of camera mode. The API doesn’t support changing it.

Thanks, what would be the easiest to get resized h264 images ?
Is it possible to still use the serializer ? So I don’t have to change much of the code ?

May I know why you need to change the resolution? Please see if Image Transformation Sample helps with your case.

We are experimenting with h264 streams over 4G and we would like to reduce the size of the image to reduce the bandwidth.
Thanks, I will have a look.

The image transformation sample doesn’t help me much because the serializer takes a dwCameraFrameHandle_t as input. And the ImageTransformation Module outputs a dwImageHandle_t.

Is it possible to convert a dwImageHandle_t to a dwCameraFrameHandle_t?

Have you checked High Throughput Recording for recording to local disk?