Resizing 'Options' window is wired on Nsight Graphics 2022.5.0

I couldn’t resize an Options window and each splitted panels in the window.
Sometimes, I’ve been hard time to set a long long search paths.
Please fix it.

Thank you for your feedback on Nsight Graphics and sorry you ran into this issue. Can you send a screenshot or repro of what you’re seeing? I’m not able to repro the issue or not understanding the issue you may be seeing. You can send the details to


Sure, why not?

Just clicking ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options’ or press F7.

Resize the window.

I missed the last phrase pointing to this issue.

I couldn’t resize an Options window ‘to my liking

Thank you for the additional details. I have created a bug on your behalf for the engineering team to investigate. I’ll follow up with you if we need any additional information.

Thanks. I’ve checked 2022.5.1, released last week, also has this problem.

Correct. The fix should be in the next release.

Are you able to check with the latest Nsight Graphics 2022.6.1 version that this issue has been addressed now?

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